Manish Arora’ Indian Designer

Voyage India takes us through a journey across the cultural influences and the glamorized versions of the Indian art & craft and embellishment techniques by the ace designers from the country. There are designers who have mastered not only the cultural Indian look but also created masterpieces to reckon International fashion Industry.

The John Galliano of India ' Ace Designer 'Manish Arora' Often referred as ‘John Galliano’ of India . Designer ” Manish Arora’s  designs take you to a world of dreams, sci’ fi and Fantasies of all  kinds , he transports you to the world he decides for the season and  to which his collection belongs. His creations are extravagant,  fantastical and often a borderline outlandish. He is one such Master  of colors and design who’s over and again proved his love for design  extensively and has experimented with silhouettes ,aesthetics and  created unforgettable drama season after season. Today he’s made  a mark and captured the world as his fashion territory. ‘Manish  Arora’ is an Indian fashion designer based in New Delhi ,He’s been  elected as a member of ‘Chambre Syndicate du pre’t a porter des  coturier’ in 2009′ and is currently the creative director of the  womenswear collection of the French fahion house Paco Rabanne.

  • He launched his eponymous label MANISH ARORA’ in 1997.
  • He is stocked by 75 well known stores worldwide.
  • He has a celebrity clients right from Lady Gaga ,Kate Moss, Britney  spears, Katy Perry, M.I.A, Rihanna to name a few who’ve adorned  Manish Arora’s creations at various glorious Platforms.
  • His versatile Interests include his ventures in to design ranging            f rom Eye wear, Watches, cosmetics, Interior Makeovers,to Fashion  Installations at Palais Bourse in Paris at Tranoi, High end Crockery collections, POMMERY’ champagne covers, book cover for  the Brtish singer MIKA’ and many more.
  • He also colaborated with Amby Valley (Sahara Group) to design hermitage and cabanas for thier real estate project near Mumbai

Manish Arora has proved himself as as a designer, stylist, speaker, Kitsch Guru who is always on the hunt for new arenas to experiment and created designs which are out of the box and superbly impressive. I would just say that he’s a True designer magician on the Go!!!!

Before getting into his creations, lets watch a video (though its 2 year old), we can get some idea how things work, how you get inspired, how to find the content and theme for a collection.

Ok. Now some of the his creations (not exactly my favorites, but I love them)

manish arora, paris fashion week, ss 2010'

Manish Arora’s sci fi’ collection was an incredible work , beautifully done in tones of grey,silver and pinks, the collection was Innovative textured and at the same time possessed a distinctive Trendy yet wearable quality . In this collection was Introduced texturing with Delicious pink Candy Buttons which were among the likes of many, Also pop singer Katie perry adorned a Candy button Textured dress with great enthusiasm and joy.

Bold Interplay of colors and playful execution of elements from the theme here is a glimpse of yet another impressive collection 'Circus'

Massive Interplay of colors and playful execution of elements/Motifs drawn from the theme ‘Circus’,A bold and fearless use of color in printed form and appliquéd ,Neckline variations and flared sleeves add more Drama to the collection, Look at the stage Installation The Rings made indicate the Ring Master’s space on a Circus stage ,i would rather say that Manish proves himself to be the Ring Master of the Indian fashion Industry. The cage detailing at the hem of the skirt on the outfit at the right is a fabulous hand crafted and a detailed view, an out of the Box kinda theme inspired design. This is the same Attire that famous Singer Katie perry wore for her MTV Europe music Awards 2008′. Here is a glimpse of yet another impressive collection ‘Circus’

Manish Arora A/W 2010-11 Paris

Manish Arora A/W 2010-11 Paris, extensive use of sequence in strong colors, creating a striped Pattern by color blocking. Shimmer Extravaganza is what u call this !!

Manish Arora A/W 2009-10 Paris 5

Manish Arora A/W 2009-10 Paris 5, Butterflies rest on flowers , and here Manish Arora has used a string decked with butterflies Attractively Resting on a bright Orange Textured dress on the lady. Indicative is it !!

manish arora playing with nature and colors

Nature inspired, Vivid colors and Prints,looks like an attractive flower arrangement , shaded petals freely reaching out, A blooming Plant straight from the Flower Forest. The Pink Petals and the color around the neckline adding more strength ,Crowning up the Design.

Manish Arora vibrant floral band

Flowers hand stitched on the dress , feminine gift wrap with a vibrant Floral Band. A very wearable outfit by the Versatile Designer.

Manish Arora more play with wild life

Awesome Sequined Lion head shoulder pads: Manish Arora’s wild world, a depiction of the Wild strongly portrayed on to the garment. 

Manish arora design with indian gods

Beautiful Presentation of Indian gods on a Jacket design , Colorful, Vibrant and Creatively balanced !! All Printed Jacket with a collar band embellished in antique gold zari giving it a Rich Appeal.

A collection inspired from a Documentry on 'Jodhpur' India by Manish Arora for the show "Adventures of the ladies Tailor" on Discovery. Here the Images of the faces of  the city people have been used as design details on the garments.

A collection inspired from a Documentary on ‘Jodhpur’ India by Manish Arora for the show “Adventures of the ladies Tailor” on Discovery. Here the Images of the faces of the city people have been used as design details on the garments. This is a marriage of Indian Inspiration with Pure western silhouettes and so rhythmically done. Catch the video of the Documentary for the collection at the end of the post

Manish Arora , The man behind all the Fun and Phenomenal Display of Art & Design

Manish Arora , The man behind all the Fun and Phenomenal Display of Art & Design

Here’s a small piece of information for all the Manish Arora Fans, for whom his stores are not that approachable , here’s your chance to fulfill your desire of wearing his creations. Recently Launched Online store by Manish Arora (Note: The site delivers all over the world, including India, making that Desirable Attire only a click away.)